10 Years and Going Strong!

Meet the Geeks held our 10th anniversary celebration in March at our usual hang out, Sculley’s on West Walnut Street. This event was special in a number of ways, founding member Trevor Lohrbeer, made his significant announcement about the sale of his company. We had a number of students from AB Tech, several new businesses in the area looking to hire talent, the press, good food, and photographers.

When you think of technology geeks, often the stereotype of introverts who don’t like to socialize may come to mind, or that it is a bunch of “guys” who like to talk about code, servers, and bandwidth. Well, take a look at our photo gallery and you will see lots of people talking, laughing and having fun, not the typical stereotype at all. Also note all the women in the group, this profession is not just for nerdy guys and it is great to see the diversity in a workforce in a profession that is constantly changing and challenging!

Meet the Geeks was formed to bring technology professionals together to build knowledge and opportunities in Western North Carolina. After 10 years of networking events in the odd months, free classes on many of the even months, 85 people attending to celebrate with us and it is easy to see that when the organization was formed the need existed and we see no reason to stop now. The Geeks can help grow our talent pool, connect business and services, and bring professionals together to share what they know and love to do!

We have some talented and committed volunteers who make all we do happen as a non-profit organization. There are some great plans for our next 10 years. Keep in touch with us, volunteer if you want to help us become a bigger and better asset! See you soon!