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Meet the Geeks needs your support! For over 10 years, our all-volunteer organization has served Western North Carolina’s IT and Small Business sectors by providing free classes, events, networking opportunities and an active job board. Your support will help us further our mission and allow us to continue providing value to the hundreds of people who rely on us to help keep IT strong.

Benefits of supporting Meet the Geeks:

  • a sense of personal satisfaction
  • official geek bragging rights
  • your logo plastered everywhere in front of lots of other geeks

Option 1: platinum pocket protector – $1000

Support MTG at this level if you or you…

  • Are invested in the Growth of the WNC Tech Sector.
  • Believe in the value of the MTG mission and want to support our efforts.
  • Want to be admired by your peers.
  • Want to have your company publicized on the Meet The Geeks Website and Newsletter:
    • Website write up about your company
    • Monthly mention in our newsletters
    • Bimonthly mention at our networking events
    • Mention at all MTG classes
  • Would like to sponsor and/or present at one class within the year + a 5-minute feature about your company (see networking sponsor benefit below).
  • Want all of your employees to have access to MTG member benefits.

Option 2: feed the geeks sponsor – $500

Support MTG at this level if you or you…

  • Believe that food is nourishing, and would like to feed your fellow Geeks at our semi-monthly networking event!
  • Be the talk of the networking event.
  • Get 10 minutes to “soapbox” and address the Geeks.
  • Get profiled in our newsletter after the event.
  • Be forever featured in the Meet-up event notification so that everyone in Western North Carolina will see you and your company.

Option 3: anonymous goodwill sponsor $250

Support MTG at this level if you or you…

  • Believe in the MTG Mission but dislike the spotlight.
  • Would like to contribute in services or a dollar amount that is different than any of the above options.

If you are interested in supporting our mission, please inquire about sponsorship opportunity. contact us