AVL Tech Groups

Meet the Geeks actively supports and collaborates with other technology- and entrepreneurship-minded groups in the Asheville region. Know of a group or organization missing from our list? Email us at info@meetthegeeks.net!


Founded June 2010
Meet with others in your local area interested in building and strengthening the Drupal Community. Discuss new and exciting Drupal-related news – or just socialize with like-minded people!
Founded April 2012
Want to learn about using and programming for WordPress? Let’s discuss useful plugins, themes and how to customize WordPress to make it do what you want it to do.
Founded April 2013
Weekly Low-Pressure Social Meetups
Founded July 2013
Hack nights to work on locally-focused apps, open data policies, etc. Bring your laptop!
Founded April 2014
The Asheville 3D Printer’s Guild is a community of people who are interested in the current and future uses of 3D printing and additive manufacturing and what can be done with the technology. We welcome everyone with a passion for design and innovation regardless of your experience or industry.
Founded April 2015
A group for anyone interested in game development, game playing, 2D graphics, 3D graphics, animation, etc. All skills levels are welcome.
Founded April 2015
A group for Asheville women in tech who want a collaborative and supportive space to bring projects to workshops, participate in tutorials facilitated by other members, spark new ideas, write practice code, and develop cool stuff.
Founded May 2017
We are a group whose purpose is to share information and experiences involving technology that is impacting our world. You do not need to be a coder to be part of this group! Suggested topics to include: Android/VR development, Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML), technology in healthcare, Google Home/Assistant Actions, web development, cloud, Google Analytics and SEO, and anything else that may be of interest to members.
Founded June 2017
This group is for networking with friends that believe a non-centralized currency will become the new world standard for monetary transactions. We meet to share knowledge and ideas on how the blockchain technology works.
Founded September 2017
This meetup is for all things JavaScript. Whether you are into React, Angular, Node or any other JavaScript technology this group’s goal is to offer resources and collaboration for the Asheville community. We will hold regular meetings on various JavaScript related topics using input from our members to decide the direction of the group and subjects of discussion. 
Founded November 2017
This group is for anyone interested in analytics. The subjects include descriptive/predictive/etc., data visualizations, data mining/machine learning and other current topics. Technologies involved are R, Python, SAS, SQL, and anything else working with data. We will probably start out with monthly meetings and go from there.
Founded January 2018
Junior web and software developers meet once a month to give brief presentations on the tech they are currently learning. The purpose of this meetup is 1) Give student/new/aspiring developers practice talking about their projects. 2) Expose jr devs to tech they may not have explored yet. 3) Foster community among jr devs and widen their support structure. And 4) Give employers a place to come see and meet up-and-coming local talent. Presentations are up to 15 mins long with 5 minutes for questions and answers. 3 presentations are given per meetup.
Founded July, 2018
This group is for Software Engineers / Developers in the Hendersonville to join up and share ideas. Beginner coders are welcome.
Less Active
Founded November 2013
The WNC .NET Developers Guild is an independent, all volunteer organization, dedicated to promoting Microsoft .NET technology and education to the software developer community of Asheville, NC and the surrounding areas.
Founded May 2015
“Meteor is a complete open source platform for building web and mobile apps in pure JavaScript” – quote from http://www.meteor.com/. Just check out the website for more info. We will share knowhow on design, testing, coding of meteorjs based web and mobile apps. We will discuss command line tools, package management, BDD, debugging and all things meteorjs. We will learn concepts such as reactive programming, isomorphic API, noSQL databases (mongodb particularly) and cordova for mobile apps.


Founded January 1966
Business Coaching and Mentoring with Asheville SCORE Business Advisors
SCORE members come from a wide range of technical and business professions with expertise and real life experience.  This group has technical and process knowledge that is sometimes applied as business technology mentoring including business analytics.
A physical & intellectual workspace focused on the climate sciences industry, located in the heart of ‘Climate City’ – Asheville North Carolina.
HatchAVL is a non-profit foundation uniquely supporting high growth startups. Hatchworks is a coworking space located in the same building. 
Mountain BizWorks’ mission is to generate jobs and ensure economic resiliency in Western North Carolina by helping small businesses start, thrive, and grow.
1 Million Cups is a free, weekly national program designed to educate, engage, and connect entrepreneurs.
Learn to code and do something BIG! Asheville may be home to one of the best craft beer scenes in the country, but its growing tech and self-starter scene is definitely worth boasting.
Venture Asheville grows Asheville’s startup community and connects high-growth entrepreneurs to talent, mentors and investors through unique programming and events.
This one-of-a-kind mentorship program is an excellent avenue for high-growth startups to learn, network and grow in a creative space alongside other successful and growing companies and their founders.

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