Senior Level – Full Stack Developer

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We study humans to make custom software they need & love to use.

Senior-Level Full Stack Software Engineer needed at Anthroware.

Anthroware is a custom software shop with mastery in design, engineering, and product strategy. We operate as an agile team and are obsessed with bringing premium service and value to our customers. Our standards at the intersection of design and killer engineering are really high. Our team is comprised of practice area experts—you will be working with the best. If you love working with brilliant people and want to work with highly qualified experts on really cool projects, then please apply.

You will work with the business and design teams to flesh out requirements, provide accurate estimates, and deliver on those estimates and timelines. You will design and implement service-based software solution(s) that are built to last, in a highly secure, highly scalable way. Experience with HIPAA security requirements is a must.

Translate user stories and use cases into functional applications
Design, build and maintain efficient, reusable, testable, and reliable code
Write performant, high-quality, and responsive applications
Identify bottlenecks and bugs, then solve them
Strong understanding of all layers of applications (Server/Hosting, Data Modeling, APIs, Business Logic, and Front-end)
Experience with (and comfortable in) a wide variety of languages and frameworks
Strong familiarity with a variety of design and architectural patterns
Deep understanding of the design principles for building scalable applications
Understanding of data and creating schemas that support business processes
Experience with automated testing and unit tests
Experience with HIPAA security compliance
Strong with both AWS and Azure
Familiarity with mobile development technologies and paradigms
The technologies we use:
React/React Native
Microsoft .NET MVC
Ruby on Rails
Business Objects
Our developers don’t stop at requirements and skills. What separates ideal candidates are the less measurable aspects of their skillset.

Project and time management: Every developer at Anthroware works to ensure that a project will be completed on time and under budget. They will be very clear in setting expectations with the project stakeholders to explain what will be delivered and when it will be delivered. They will ensure that project team members understand the project requirements and timeframes and provide the leadership necessary for their team to succeed. We are all responsible for the success of the projects. Tactfully, we affect delivery outcomes by being personally accountable for our commitments.

Will help drive the company’s technology roadmap:
Technology changes rapidly. Solutions that we use today may not be the solutions we need tomorrow. It is essential that the right solutions are used for each project to provide the highest level of service to our customers. Many considerations must be taken into account in order to ensure this including what technologies are maintainable, what resources to we have that can support these solutions and how does this solution serve our clients. These decisions cannot be selected on the fly, and we must stay on top of emerging technologies and be prepared to use them when the time comes.

We don’t hire ‘code monkeys’ here—everyone is expected to speak their mind with respect. Anthroware has a strong mission of providing value to our customers. We also have a strong culture of personal accountability which means we work toward solutions to problems that come up and shy away from blame-shifting and finger-pointing. We all need the grace of being able to make a mistake and be lifted up by a fantastic team.

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