Research Scholar – Software Engineer

Website North Carolina Institute for Climate Studies - NCSU

The Software Engineer will provide expertise in scientific programming and data analytics to address the software engineering needs of the Institute’s Climate Assessment activities including the following:
– Design, develop, and maintain web-based tools for internal and external management of data, report drafts, report reviews, and author resources.
– Provide innovative software engineering solutions for the needs of the assessment team.
– Develop innovative analytical solutions to support the development and analysis of high quality, large-scale research data sets needed for assessment activities.
– Work in a team environment developing integrated analytical and graphical applications.
– Support integration of climate datasets into existing frameworks for data analysis and evaluation.
– Plan, develop, and implement quality assurance, evaluation, and troubleshooting tools and applications to ensure accessibility and integrity of datasets and other end products.
– Fully participate in unit (Institute, NCEI, TSU, etc.) activities and meetings.
– Other related duties as assigned.

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