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mtg_bootcampWith the guidance of our local businesses, Meet the Geeks has curated an online curriculum to help anyone launch a career in technology.

Part of the purpose of this bootcamp is to provide alternative methods and timelines of learning that augment (not replace) our partners in the educational realm.

Our goal is to lift the tide of well-being in our community and a productive and educated workforce contributes highly towards that objective.

The bootcamp is comprised of the following elements:

  • Online coursework (3-7 classes depending on your needs). 
    • A+ Core 1 and 2 (Dr. Messer or Udemy)
    • Network+ (Dr. Messer or Udemy)
    • Windows Server Administration (Udemy - by Kevin Brown)
    • Microsoft 365 Mastery and Administration (Udemy - by Bigger Brains / Intellezy)
    • Excellence in Customer Service (Udemy - by Chris Croft)
    • Note: we've provided links to coursework we know, but there are many sources for a quality education. Also, Udemy offers classes with various discounts; if the current class linked isn't $30 or less, add it to your cart and wait a day or two. We've seen every class offered at less than $30.
  • Live labs on Fridays with volunteer mentors from MTG to answer questions or provide access to computers for coursework.
    • Mentors work in local business and can help relate classwork with real-word experiences.
    • Mentors are linked with decision-makers in HR and have first access to hiring students.
    • Additionally, a Discord channel exists for MTG and bootcamp participants to get faster answers to questions.
  • During the tenure in the bootcamp, students will be assigned device refurbishment projects that align with programs for Digital Equity and Re-Entry. Opportunities like this support skill development for students and support economic development in our community. Further, promising students will be able to keep one of the refurbished devices for practice and use at home.

With help from the Land of Sky and the Mountain Area Workforce Development Board, qualified students can get these classes and certifications at not cost. We are looking for underserved students ages 18-25 who have an interest in technology or an interest in changing their lives with a career that promotes growth and generational wealth creation. If you are a minority, interested in technology, and the standard pathways of education don't meet your needs, please reach out at the link/button below.

More Valuable Resources

The plan and ideas above are just a good starting point designed to help someone get a job in IT in WNC. There are TONS of other learning opportunities and resources that offer other paths or more ways to learn. Check these out and add them to your research repertoire:



Project Kobayashi (PK)

PK is about pooling educational and workforce opportunities to better coordinate and facilitate apprenticeships and internships. Using Meet the Geeks as an intermediary, we communicate with local businesses and school systems to get the right person into the right opportunity - PAID! 

These partners participate in our programming and if you were interested in learning more about opportunities with these schools, reach out to us via email.

A-B Tech: General IT, Infrastructure, Networking, Cyber Security

Blue Ridge Community College: General IT, Infrastructure, Networking, Cyber Security

Carolina Cyber Center: General IT, Cyber Security

Western Carolina University: Entrepreneurship, Programming

UNCA: Computer Science, Programming, Robotics

Digital Equity & Re-Entry

MTG works very closely with The Land of Sky and their various programs (MAWDB is part of The Land of Sky) to foster projects leveraging our experiences and capabilities. We've got two projects in development for helping with local device refurbishment and justice-involved populations seeks to make a difference in their lives.

MTG and IT Bootcamp members will refurbish donated devices to provide computers to under-served and under-privileged communities.

BOOST: MTG volunteers will help re-entry members with devices and promote education and training opportunities for those interested in a career in technology. More on BOOST as it gets launched early 2024. 

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Glitch 2.0 (Asheville High School Club)

This is a club at a local high school that builds robots to compete in national competitions. They are always looking for mentors in robotics, programming, and sales and marketing. They can also use some financial supporters. We love it when they bring their latest robot to our networking events and show-off their skills. Support these students however you can!